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INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the last three years for their Sundarbans Tour. We have been Rated No.1 on TripAdvisor out of 78 Outdoor Activities from Kolkata

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Sundarban Tour 3 Night 4 Days or the Sundarban Three Night Four Days Tour conducted by India Beacons Sojourn is generally conducted from Kolkata mainly upon demand. However, the Sundarban Tour 3N 4D can also be started from Godhkhali.

This Sundarban 3 night Tour from Kolkata would give you a comprehensive coverage. In this Sundarban 3 night Tour from Kolkata, we cover a good area of the Sundarbans Mangrove forest, the Sundarbans Delta as well as the Sundarban National park. We visit as many as FIVE top attractions, ie the watch towers of Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Burirdabri, Jhingakhali and Dobanki. The Sundarban Tour 3N 4D is one of India Beacons best tours. 
Sundarban Tour 3 Night  4 Days - Brief itinerary:
Day 1 : Transfer from Kolkata to Sundarbans National Park. Visit Sajnekhali Watch Tower.
Day 2 : Visit the Watch towers of Burirdabri & Jhingakhali.
Day 3 : Visit Sundarbans National Park, the narrow creeks and canals of the Sundarbans Delta
and the Dobanki Canopy walk and Watchtower.
Day 4 : Visit Sundarbans National Park and the Sundarbans Delta and the Sudhanyakhali 
Watchtower. Sundarbans Tour end.

Sundarban tour 3 Night 4 Days from Kolkata includes visit to best Watchtowers in Sundarban National Park. Call : +91 9903295920 to book Sundarban 3 night Tour from Kolkata.

Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata starting dates:

OCTOBER : 5th Oct ; 8th Oct ; 10th Oct ; 11th Oct ; 13th Oct, 18th Oct, 25th Oct, 28th Oct.

NOVEMBER : 1st Nov; 8th Nov ; 15th Nov ; 25th Nov.

DECEMBER : 6th Dec, 13th Dec, 20th Dec, 23rd Dec, 25th Dec, 27th Dec, 29th Dec, 31st Dec

JANUARY : 1st Jan ; 3rd Jan ; 5th Jan ; 8th Jan ; 10th Jan ; 12th Jan ; 17th Jan ; 24th Jan ; 31st Jan

SUNDARBAN TOUR 3 Night 4 Days : What to expect ?

We arrange CUSTOMISED TOUR for our Sundarban 3 Night 4 Days Tour package


This tour is best suited for photographers, naturalists as well as passionate wildlife lovers. The Sundarban Tour 3N 4D can be CONDUCTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, barring the period between 20th Dec till 7th January, as Sundarbans during that time sees a huge rush of Tourists.

Reporting Place
In front of Indira Cinema, Bhowanipur.
Other pickup points like your hotel, the airport or the railway station can be arranged as per your convenience at an additional cost.
Nearest landmark
Opposite Bhowanipur Police Station, Kolkata
Metro Station Stoppage - Jatin Das Park
Reporting Time
08:30 - 09:00 hrs.
Departure Time   09:00 - 09:15 hrs
Return Details
Returns to original departure point at approximately 16:30 - 17:30 hours on the Fourth Day.
Please note return time for Sundarban Tour 3N 4D  Package may vary depending upon tide as well as traffic conditions.
Here too, after the Sundarban Tour 3 night 4 Days, drop can be arranged directly to your hotel, the airport or the railway station at an additional cost.
Vehicle for transfer
Vehicle for transfer for the Sundarban 3 night Tour from Kolkata would be AC.
However, the choice of vehicle for Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata and back vests with India Beacons Sojourn, based on economies of cost. In case you have any preference for a particular vehicle, the same can be arranged at additional cost.




AC VEHICLE FOR TRANSFER & NON AC ROOMS            :  INR 8,500 + 5% GST = INR 8925  

AC VEHICLE FOR TRANSFER & AC ROOMS                      :  INR 10,200 + 5% GST = INR 10710


FOR Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata


AC VEHICLE FOR TRANSFER & NON AC ROOMS            :  INR 12,900 + 5% GST = INR 13545 
AC VEHICLE FOR TRANSFER & AC ROOMS                      :  INR 15,500 + 5% GST = INR 16275 

FOR GROUP DISCOUNT for total group size over 20 persons for Sundarban Tour 3N 4D

CALL: +91 9903295920 /9433113535/+91 8585007393


Day 1: Kolkata to Sonakhali/Godhkhali, Sunderbans. Godhkhali to Sundarbans

Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata starts with your pickup from Kolkata in a shared vehicle and drive to Sonaklhali/Godhkhali. This journey is of about 3 hrs. Walk the distance from the parking lot to the Godhkhali jetty. Thereafter board the waiting Launch. Your Sundarban Tour 3N 4D tour starts. Your first visit would be to the Sajnekhali Watch Tower, located on the Sunderbans Islands.
What makes the Sundarbans unique is that unlike other Tiger Reserves in India or abroad, there is no Jeep safari or Elephant Safari in Sundarbans. Here spotting the tiger is through boat journey. You can choose to call it a Boat Safari or a Marine Safari. In fact you are always on the Boat Safari for the Sundarban Tour 3N 4D, whenever you are in the Forests of Sundarbans.
The journey from the jetty would take you down the rivers Hogil, Gomar, Durgaduni and Gumdi in about an hour you would reach Sajnekhali. Sajnekhali is the first point of disembarkation from the boat for the Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata.

Sajnekhali is the Headquarter of the Sundarbans National Park. It is the most visited place in the Sundarbans National Park. The Sajnekhali Eco Tourism Range encompasses the Sajnekhali Mangrove Interpretation Centre, the Sajnekhali Museum and the Batagur Baska Tortoise pond at Sajnekhali. A visit to the Sajnekhali Watch Tower is part of the Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata.

After obtaining requisite Forest permission, we view wildlife from the Sajnekhali watchtower. Also visit the Sajnekhali Museum, the River Terrapin Hatching Pond and the Mangrove Interpretation Centre.
After watching the sunset from your motorboat, we move to the resort for overnight stay. In case you have opted for night stay on the boat for your Sundarbans Tour package, you would stay on the boat itself, while others would move to the hotel/resort. 

Optional activity involves an entertaining evening of Folk Dance “Banbibi Pala"(Optional) or Baul geet. For the Sundarban Tour package, dinner and night halt would at the forest resort/boat as per prior selection. Overnight at Sundarbans.
Meal Plan: Breakfast (Yes packed) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Day 3: Sundarban boat Safari and visit to Burirdabri and Jhingakhali Watchtower

The second day of your Sundarban Tour involves venturing and visiting the Eastern fringe of the Indian Sundarbans. This is often referred to as the Burirdabri Circuit and comprises, the visit to the two watchtowers of Burirdabri and  Jhingakhali and passing along the Morichjhapi forest and the Jhila Forest Beat. Visit to the Burirdabri Circuit is the uniqueness of the Sundarban Tour 3N 4D.

We would go till Burirdabri, which is the farthest watchtower on the Indian Side, before the Bangladesh Sundarbans starts. The river Raimangal divides India and Bangladesh. From the Burirdabri Watchtower, apart from the Indian Sundarbans, you can also view the Bangladesh Sundarbans. The Bangladesh Sundarbans lies just on the opposite side of the river. This whole day river cruise will be a mix of sailing through both broad rivers as well as the narrow creeks. This journey would be interspersed  with tiny village dotted on one side and the Sundarbans National Park on the other side. 

This side of the Sundarbans forest is abundant in the mangrove species of Nipa Palm locally known as Golpata (Nypa fruticans). It is a mangrove species, distributed throughout the mangroves of Sundarbans. It is a trunk less palm with tall erect leaves (3 - 9 m long). It is one of the most beautiful species of mangroves whose concentration is more in this circuit.
Burirdabri in Sunderbans National Park is famous for its watchtower, a mudwalk and mangrove cage trail leading to a viewpoint known as the Raimongal view point. Visit the watch tower at Burirdabri camp. 

Thereafter visit the watchtower of Jhingakhali, which offers an exiting view of the jungle. The Jhingakhali Watchtower overlooks an untamed forestscape. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature resplendent in her pristine beauty.This watchtower is among the ones to be located on the Eastern most fringe of the Indian part of Sundarbans. It falls in the Bashirhat Range of the Jhingekhali Beat of Sundarbans. The watchtower has a capacity to accommodate 20 persons at a time. This watchtower is often overlooked by tour operators and tourists because of its distance from the Sajnekhali and Dayapur area. Since the movement of tourists is less in this area, the scenic beauty of this place is well preserved and the chances of sighting tigers, as per our opinion, are relatively more than the other watchtowers. This watchtower, like some other watchtowers, has observation lines and sweet water pond for observing the wildlife. There is also a BanoBibi temple within the compound of the Watchtower as well. Apart from other birds that can be sighted, the sighting of Brahmini Kites is very much likely from this watchtower.

In the evening, return for your overnight stay either at the resort/Boat as per your prior selection.
Meal plan : Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Day 3: Sundarban boat Safari and visit to the Canopy walk and Dobanki

The third day of your Sundarban Tour involves a full day cruise through the rivers and narrow creeks of the Sundarbans National Park as well as the World’s Largest Mangrove Forest and a lovely birding experience. Food for the entire length of your Sundarbans Tour package would be prepared and served from the motor boat.
Cross through the numerous creeks and canals of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve, notable among them being the Bonobibi Bharani, the Sundar Khali, Gazikhali, Chora Gazi Khali, Deul Bharani, the Pancha Mukhani (5 River junction) and proceed to visit the Dobanki Watchtower and the Dobanki Canopy Walk

Pay a visit to the most visited Dobanki Canopy Walk at the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, and you'll soon discover why this beautiful place continues to be such a draw for visitors visiting the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.The Canopy Walk at Dobanki draws the maximum crowd and a lot of wildlife can be sighted from the Dobanki Watch Tower. Also the Canopy Walk at Dobanki gives you an opportunity to view wildlife from a netted enclosure.
Thereafter, enjoy the thrill of cruising deep in the “Indian Amazon” as India Beacons calls it and also around the islands of the Sundarban Tiger Project Area. Let yourself be guided by our Naturalist and Guide to view the Mangrove forest from close quarters, deep inside the creeks and return in the evening to the resort. Overnight stay would be at the resort/Boat as per your prior selection.
Meal plan : Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Day 4: Visit the Sunderbans National Park and The Sundarbans Delta

Enjoy a lovely birding experience as you start early in the morning. The third day of your Sundarbans Tour package involves a half day cruise through the rivers and narrow creeks of the Sunderbans National Park and the Sundarbans Delta.
Start after bed tea and visit the watch tower of Sudhanyakhali. Food would be prepared and served on the launch itself. On the second day of your Sundarban Tour, you would visit the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower. 

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is one of the must see places of the Sundarban Nation park. The Sudhanyakhali watch Tower of the sundarbans Tiger Reserve is visited by most of the Tourists as part of the Sundarbans Tour 3 night 4 days Package. The Sudhanyakhali watch tower has a capacity to host 30 tourists at a time. A lot of wildlife of the Sundarbans National Park are sighted from here. In fact, the sweet water pond at Sudhanyakhali attracts a lot of wild animals and offers you the chance to view wildlife from close quarters.
After lunch on the boat, we depart for Godhkhali/Sonakhali and reach Godhkhali/Sonakhali at 13:30 p.m. From Godhkhali/Sonakhali, we transfer you to Kolkata. Arrive at Kolkata by about 5:30 / 6:00 pm.

Sundarbans Tour package timings may vary depending upon tide conditions.  Your Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata, ends with sweet memories.
Meal Plan: Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (No)
  • Transportation Cost for Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata - Pickup from Kolkata (Pickup point, Bhawanipur Indira Cinema) and drop back to Kolkata at same spot. Other pickup and drop point can be arranged at Additional cost 
  • Boat/Steamer Rental
  • Welcome drinks (Non Alcoholic) on arrival. 
  • Food plan is AP (Lunch along with Tea/ Coffee on the Boat/Steamer). We serve North Indian, Marwari, Gujrati as well as Bengali cuisines.
  • English Speaking Guide Charges, Entry Fees to Watchtowers and boat Entry Fees are included in the cost of Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata
  • Accommodation as per your plan in resorts/boats 
  • Foreigner's Entry Fees wherever applicable
  • All kind of personal expenses such as tips, laundry, telephone bills, and beverages.
  • Sundarban tour package cost does not include any meals unless and otherwise specifically mentioned.
  • Optional, suggested or cost of unspecified activities are not included as part of Sundarban 3 night Tour from Kolkata.
  • Additional cost for pick up for Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata from any other point other than India Beacons's designated pick up point as mentioned above.
  • Porterage cost is not included for Sundarban tour package cost from Kolkata. 
  • Cost of porter from Godhkhali/Sonakhali Vehicle garage till the boat and vice versa has to be borne by the guest. This is not included in our package cost.

  • Full payment has to be made for the Sundarbans three day Tour before the start of the tour. 
  • Vehicle used for the Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata for Kolkata to Godhkhali/Sonakhali and return would be AC. 
  • Choice of vehicles for the Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata is determined by India Beacons Sojourn depending upon economies of cost. In case you prefer vehicles of your own choice, additional cost is to be borne by you.
  • Boat/Steamer used for Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata would be Non AC. AC Steamer is not available.
  • Itinerary is subject to change/alterations as the visit to the various watchtowers depend upon weather, passenger's safety and tide conditions. However, for the Sundarbans 3 Night 4 Days Tour, our aim would always be to cover all watchtowers and destinations as mentioned in the itinerary.
Read reviews of our Sundarbans Tour Package by our guests:
Sundarban day Tour
The overall management of the entire tour covering vehicle, boat, mouthwatering food, cultural display by the locals, beautiful resort and above all the beauty of Sundarban was a rare experience for us and we will prefer to go again and again under the supervision of India Beacons Sojourn.

P S Bhattacharjee, Kolkata
Date: 2019-08-31
Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata
Awesome experience. The food was simply too good. The launch is very well equipped with all necessary amenities and the views from the launch during the trip were mesmerizing.The best part were the launch staff who were always present with a smile.The guide was extremely conversant with the entire locality.Their behavior made the launch journey even better.

We preferred the AC room accommodation, though the rooms in the boat for a night stay were equally good.A perfectly crafted weekend family trip to Sunderbans is sure to ensue with India Beacons. Definitely the drive to spot the Royal Bengal will lure us again to the Bans which is wonder-striking in it's beauty, vastness and uniqueness.

Sulagna Majumdar, Kolkata
Date: 2019-08-07
India Beacons Sojourn Team nicely maintained their promises for their Sundarbans day Tour. Punctual arrival of vehicle, good behaviour of driver, nice food, endearing staff on the boat, very tasty food to suit our North Indian taste buds and well maintained boat - we had it all. Keep up the good work. 

Only dampener was the weather. It rained so much that we hardly had any chance of seeing the tiger. Overall a great Sundarbans Day Trip in the end

Sujata Rishabh, Uttarkashi
Date: 2019-07-15
Awesome, IN ONE WORD

The arrangement made was excellent from the word go. Comfortable tempo traveller with good breakfast and juice. Porters helped us with our bags to board the boat. Bhola da our Captain was an expert at navigation and very knowledgeable of wildlife. Boat staff were courteous and food was yummy. Saptarshi our naturalist/ guide was patient and knowledgable ready to answer our silliest of question. The night stay was surprisingly comfortable in a very nice and spacious room. Locals put up Bon Bibi play and Baul songs in the evening during snacks n tea followed by sumptuous dinner. 

Now one must be thinking it’s a very comfortable stay but what about photography and coming to the best part..we saw the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger and what a marvellous sighting along with several birds and animals ... jungle cat, brown winged kingfisher, white collared kingfisher, black caped kingfisher, common kingfisher, otters, crocodiles and many more. Thanks to Sandeep Da and team for this unforgettable experience.

Bidyut & Anusua Saikia, Chennai
Date: 2019-04-30
A fun filled trip to Sundarbans
I along with my friends were sitting thinking about where to go over this weekend. Then an idea stuck our minds and we planned a random trip to Sunderban Tiger Reserve (although we didn't spot a single tiger there, depends on luck, no offence for that). The plan was spontaneous so we started searching for online travel agencies and came across India Beacons Sojourn, saw its rating and immediately called them. We discussed about our timing constraints and were suggested a One Day Trip to Sundarbans by India Beacons and consequently the itinerary was mailed to us and we finalized the trip. 

Then came the next day, 'The Trip Day'. As promised by India Beacons, we were provided a 17 seater air conditioned Force Traveller although we were 13 people only. Started our journey at around 6 am and reached our destination at around 8:45 am. It was a comfortable journey. 

Now comes the visit experience. On reaching Sundarbans we were taken to a 6 cylinder steamer equipped with all the amenities like washrooms, restrooms, etc. The owner of this agency, Mr. Sandeep met us and introduced us to our tour guide for the day. We were then served a sumptuous breakfast on the steamer itself along with a beverage as promised in our itinerary. Then we were all set to visit our first watch tower for the day i.e. Sajnekhali wildlife sanctuary and it took us around 1.5 hours to reach there. Visited the watchtower and were back on our steamer to visit the second watchtower. On our way to the second watchtower, we were served lunch on the steamer itself and again it was very delicious and satiating to our appetite, a big thumbs up to India Beacons for that. 

After around 1 hour we reached our second watchtower i.e. Sudhanyakhali, spent some time there and finally started our return journey. It took us around 1.5 hours to reach our base through steamer. Were also served evening tea on the steamer itself which was in the itinerary also. Finally reached our base at 5 in the evening, started our return trip to our place through the same Traveller. 

Overall it was an excellent trip and the service provided by India Beacons was marvelous and fulfilled all our expectations. A big thumbs up to them. 
  • Cost effectiveness : 5/5 
  • Behaviour of staff : 5/5 
  • Food and beverages : 5/5 
  • Sticking to itinerary : 5/5 
  • Knowledge of tour guide : 5/5 
Forgot to mention that on our request, we were provided with playing cards on the steamer itself by the agency. So anyone booking their next trip or holiday can rely on India Beacons blindly and it will be a hassle free experience.

Bhavya Dhingra, Shimla
Date: 2019-04-15
Sundarban 3N 4D tour package from Kolkata
India Beacons Sojourn Team really lived up to our expectations for the Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata. We had a lot of apprehension as regards our Jain food for our Sundarban Tour 3 night 4 Days and had made the same clear to Mr. Sandeep. However the 3N 4D Sundarban Tour went beyond our expectation.
We had excellent food and the guide Mr. Arun was a knowledgeable and courteous person. We had very good sighting and a comprehensive coverage for the Sundarban 3 nights Tour from Kolkata. We would definitely recommend the same.

95% for the Sundarban Tour 3 night 4 Days. No rooms for Complain. Once again would like to thank the boat crew for this wonderful Sundarban Tour 3 night 4 Days

Rahul Jain, Jaisalmer
Date: 2019-01-13

Our experience of visiting Sundarbans with India Beacons Sojourn was extremely pleasant and joyous. We had just a day at Kolkata before we left for Varanasi and we managed to do the Sundarban Day tour. Not much in terms of animal sighting, but the scenic beauty of sundarbans enamoured us. 

Food was excellent and tasty and I would like to mention that right from our pickup from Shamilton Hotel till our return, we were very well taken care by Mr. Sandeep and his team. Would recommend their services.

Brendon Clarks, Birmingham, UK
Date: 2018-11-16