Sundarban Day Tour

Sundarban Day Tour from Kolkata

Sundarbans Day Tour are conducted all throughout the year. The tour starts at 08:00 hrs from Godkhali and ends at 16:00 hrs at Godhkhali. This trip has been christened "SUNDARBANS TOUCH AND GO" by India Beacons Sojourn due to the hectic nature of the tour, which starts at 5:30 - 6:00 hrs in the morning from Kolkata and ends around 19:30 - 20:00 hrs. 

This tour would just give you a fair idea of the Sundarbans Mangrove forest and the Sundarban National park as we visit the TWO top attractions ,ie the watch towers of Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhali. However, as a word of caution, due to the long journey time involved, one should try to avail this tour only when one is hard pressed for time. A longer version of 1N 2D Sundarbans package or 2N 3D gives greater coverage.

Offer price : INR 2050 - INR 11550  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 3250 - INR 13000  (NON-INDIANS) 


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Sundarbans Tour Package - 1N 2D Tour

Sundarbans Tour Package - 1 night Tour from Kolkata

Sundarbans Tour 1 Night 2 Day starts with your pickup from Kolkata in an exclusive vehicle and drive to Sonaklhali/Godhkhali, a journey of about 3 hrs. After obtaining requisite Forest permission we transfer you from Godhkhali jetty by motor fitted country boat to the tourist lodge located in the Sunderbans Islands. This journey would take you down the rivers Hogil, Gomar, Durgaduni and Gumdi in about an hour.

In 1 Night 2 Day Sundarban Tour Package, you cover two watch towers -- Sajnekhali Watch Tower and Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower. All our Sundarbans Tour packages including the Sundarbans 2 Night  3 Day  Tour packages are transparent.

Offer price : INR 4200 - INR 5250  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 5250 - INR 6300  (NON-INDIANS)

PRIVATE AND EXCLUSIVE 1 Night 2 Days PACKAGE cost  : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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Sundarbans Tour Package - 2N 3D Tour

Sundarbans Tour Package - 2 night Tour from Kolkata

2 Night 3 Days Sundarban Tour package is the most common and preferred tour as it offers a good coverage of the World's largest mangrove forest. In a span of three days of Sundarban Tour Package, you cover three watchtowers : Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower and Dobanki watch tower.

If you are not hard pressed for time, India Beacons Sojourn would always recommend the Sundarbans Tour - 2 Night 3 Days. This tour is conducted all throughout the year and India Beacons Sojourn has Fixed day departures for these tours. However, if you want an exclusive tour or if your dates do not match our Fixed date departure, you can always call us to customize your dates.

Offer price : INR 6510 - INR 7350  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 7875 - INR 8925  (NON-INDIANS)

EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVATE 2 Night 3 Days PACKAGE : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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Sundarbans Tour Package - 2N 3D Tour

Sundarbans Tour Package - 3 night Tour from Kolkata

3 Night 4 Days Sundarban Tour Package offers extensive coverage of Sunderbans and is mostly availed by Wildlife Photography enthusiasts and Tourists interested in Tiger Trail Tours. It covers four watch towers -- Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower, Dobanki Watch Tower and Netidhopani Watch Tower.

This tour is generally preferred by guests who need an extensive coverage of the Sundarbans and this tour involves spending long hours in  the forests of the Sundarbans National Park. This 3 Night 4 Days Sundarbans Tour package gives you ample chance for photography as well as wildlife sighting.

Offer price : INR 10500 - INR 21000  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 15750 - INR 26250  (NON-INDIANS)

Cost of EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVATE 3 Nights 4 Days PACKAGE : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN also arranges for Special interest tours from Kolkata and those tours can be customized as per the specific requirement of guests. These Sundarban Tours are unique in one way or the other. While some Sundarban tour Packages focus on the wildlife aspect of Sundarbans, some on the nature and photography aspect at sundarbans, some simply stress on the culinary aspect of available fish varieties in sundarbans.

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