Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower ls located in the Sudhanyakhali camp of the SundarbanS Tiger Reserve. It is one of the most famous watchtowers in Sundarban. Because of its proximity to Sajnekhali watch Tower, the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is very often visited by tourists

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower can be visited even if one joins the Sundarban Day Tour. It is always very much a part of the Sundarban 1N 2D tour as well as the Sundarban 2N 3D Tour package.

Most of the tigers are sighted from this tower. One can also spot a few reptiles and birds from the tower. Some other wildlife like axis deer, monitor lizard, wild boars and crocodiles may also be seen from this watch tower. This watch tower has a capacity to host 25 persons at a time.The authorities have developed and maintained a small but nice botanical project consisting of numerous species of Mangroves. 

There is a sweet water pond where wild animals come to drink water. Behind the pond are observation lines. These observation lines are stretches of forest land bereft of any vegetation enabling one to sight animals from a distance. 

The Sudhanyakhali Watchtower offer a panoramic view of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and the wide expanse of the forest that lies beyond. Here, one can enjoy both nature as well as wildlife hand in hand. 

Many colourful Fiddler Crabs as well as Hermit Crabs can be seen on the mud banks by the side of the stairs leading to Sudhanyakhali Camp.

This place is also full of monkeys who are used to snatching food from travellers but generally leave the tourists alone if they are careful and do not pester them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on  Sudhanyakhali  Watch Tower :

Q: Where is Sudhanyakhali Or Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower? 

A:  Sudhanyakhali is the name of a Forest Camp in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve of West Bengal, India. It is also a tourist attraction  because of the famous Sudhanyakhali watch Tower. It is situated on an island and can be reached by hired boat or launch.

Q: Where are the Boat starting points for visiting Sudhanyakhali? 

A:  Sundarbans Tiger Reserve has a number of Entry Point Jetties.These are at Canning, Sonakhali, Godhkhali as well as Jharkhali. Boat services can be availed from these jetties ONLY upon prior and advance booking.

Q:  Where can you hire a boat in advance to visit Sudhanyakhali? 

A:  There are no Regular and organised Boat Rentals Service from the Entry Point jetties. You can call Boat Owners directly to book or hire boats in advance to visit the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower.

Q:  Can one directly visit the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower? 

A:  One cannot visit Sudhanyakhali watch tower without a Guide and Entry permission. Entry permission is issued by the Sundarban Tiger Reserve authorities from the Sajnakhali Eco Tourism Range. Hence one has to visit Sajnekhali first before visiting Sudhanyakhali.

Q:  How long does it take to reach Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower? 

A:  Depending upon the location of your Entry point jetty and subsequent visit to Sajnekhali to obtain Entry Permissions , it takes about 40 minutes to reach Sudhanyakhali directly from Sajnekhali by hired boat.

Q:  When Is The Best Time To Visit Sudhanyakhali ? 

A:  The Sudhanyakhali Camp and Watch Tower remains open throughout the year except at the time of Tiger Census or for any other reasons as intimated in advance by the Forest department. Hence you can practically visit it throughout the year