Mangrove Interpretation Centre


Sajnekhali Eco Tourism Centre, or more popularly known as Sajnekhali is the heart of Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. It is also the Head Office of the Forest Department. Permission to enter the Sundarban Tiger Reserve is required to be obtained from here. 

The Sajnekhali Complex houses the Sajnekhali Permission issue Counter, the River Terrapin (Batagur Baska) pond, the hatching centre of the River Terrapin, The Crocodile Pond, the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, also known as the Sajnekhali Museum as well as a Bono Bibi Temple. The Sajnekhali watchtower is also located within this campus of Sajnekhali Eco Tourism Range 

Sajnekhali Watch Tower


This watchtower is the most popular among all watchtowers because of its proximity to most of the resorts in the Sundarban area. Since the permission to enter the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve is issued from Sajnekhali, the Sajnekhali Watchtower is very often visited by all tourists entering Sundarbans. 

This watch tower has a capacity to host 20 persons at a time. It is situated just besides the Mangrove Interpretation Centre. Of late, a new watchtower has been constructed which is at present the highest watchtower in Sundarbans. 

The view from the top most tier of the Sajnekhali Watchtower is captivating and a balm to the eye. The view of the river on one side and the endless stretches of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve on the other side is a sight to behold.

This Sajnekhali watchtower provides one with the opportunity to view wildlife from the top. The most sought after sights by a bird watcher are the seven colourful species of the Kingfisher, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Plovers, Lap-Wings, Curfews, Whimbrel, Sandpipers and the occasional Pelican.


The Sajnekhali complex also houses the West Bengal Tourism's Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge. This is a good stay option for those who want to enjoy the forest environment. Even though tourists are not allowed to step out after 18:00 hrs from the lodge, one can hear the occasional roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger owing to the silence and the serenity of the place.

Accommodation of both AC as well as Non AC rooms are arranged at the Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge by India Beacons Sojourn upon request by the guests. THE PROPERTY HAS NOW BEEN RENAMED AS "MATLA TOURISM PROPERTY".

Tourists can book rooms at the Matla Tourism Property, but to visit Sundarbans National Park, one has to hire boat to take them across the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. India Beacons Sojourn offers Boat Rental Service. 

To book a boat, call us on : +91 9903295920 / +91 8585007393