Sundarban Day Tour

Sundarban Day Tour from Kolkata|Sundarban Tour package

Sundarban Day Tour are conducted all throughout the year. The tour starts at 08:00 hrs from Godkhali and ends at 16:00 hrs at Godhkhali. This trip has been christened "SUNDARBAN TOUCH AND GO" by India Beacons Sojourn due to the hectic nature of the tour, which starts at 5:30 - 6:00 hrs in the morning from Kolkata and ends around 19:30 - 20:00 hrs. 

This tour would just give you a fair idea of the Sundarbans Mangrove forest and the Sundarban National park as we visit the TWO top attractions ,ie the watch towers of Sajnekhali and Sudhanyakhali. However, as a word of caution, due to the long journey time involved, one should try to avail this tour only when one is hard pressed for time. A longer version of 1N 2D Sundarban Tour package or 2N 3D Sundarban Tour package gives greater coverage.

Offer price : INR 2050 - INR 11550  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 3250 - INR 13000  (NON-INDIANS) 


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Sundarbans Tour Package - 1N 2D Tour

Sundarban Tour Package - 1 Night Tour from Kolkata

Sundarbans Tour Package 1 Night 2 Day starts with your pickup from Kolkata in an exclusive vehicle and drive to Sonaklhali/Godhkhali, a journey of about 3 hrs. After obtaining requisite Forest permission we transfer you from Godhkhali jetty by motor fitted country boat to the tourist lodge located in the Sunderbans Islands. This journey would take you down the rivers Hogil, Gomar, Durgaduni and Gumdi and you would visit the Sajnekhali watchtower.

In 1 Night 2 Day Sundarban Tour Package, you cover two watch towers -- Sajnekhali Watch Tower and Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower and get a good coverage of the narrow Creeks and canals of the Sundarbans. All our Sundarban Tour package including the Sundarbans 2 Night  3 Day  Tour package are transparent.

Offer price : INR 4200 - INR 5250  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 5250 - INR 6300  (NON-INDIANS)

PRIVATE AND EXCLUSIVE 1 Night 2 Days PACKAGE cost  : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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Sundarbans Tour Package - 2N 3D Tour

Sundarban Tour Package|Sundarban Tour 2 Night 3 Days

2 Night 3 Days Sundarban Tour package is the most common and preferred tour as it offers a good coverage of the World's largest mangrove forest. In a span of three days of Sundarban Tour Package, you cover three watchtowers : Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower and Dobanki watch tower.

If you are not hard pressed for time, India Beacons Sojourn would always recommend the Sundarbans Tour - 2 Night 3 Days. This tour is conducted all throughout the year and India Beacons Sojourn has Fixed day departures for these tours. However, if you want an exclusive tour or if your dates do not match our Fixed date departure, you can always call us to customize your dates.

Offer price : INR 6510 - INR 7350  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 7875 - INR 8925  (NON-INDIANS)

EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVATE 2 Night 3 Days PACKAGE : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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Sundarbans Tour Package - 2N 3D Tour

Sundarban Tour Package - 3 night Tour from Kolkata

3 Night 4 Days Sundarban Tour Package offers extensive coverage of Sunderbans and is mostly availed by Wildlife Photography enthusiasts and Tourists interested in Tiger Trail Tours. It covers four watch towers -- Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudhanyakhali Watchtower, Dobanki Watch Tower and Netidhopani Watch Tower.

This tour is generally preferred by guests who need an extensive coverage of the Sundarbans and this tour involves spending long hours in  the forests of the Sundarbans National Park. This 3 Night 4 Days Sundarbans Tour package gives you ample chance for photography as well as wildlife sighting.

Offer price : INR 10500 - INR 21000  (INDIANS)  |  Offer price : INR 15750 - INR 26250  (NON-INDIANS)

Cost of EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVATE 3 Nights 4 Days PACKAGE : Cost of Minimum 15 persons  

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INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN also arranges for Special interest tours from Kolkata and those tours can be customized as per the specific requirement of guests. These Sundarban Tours are unique in one way or the other. While some Sundarban tour Packages focus on the wildlife aspect of Sundarbans, some on the nature and photography aspect at sundarbans, some simply stress on the culinary aspect of available fish varieties in sundarbans.

Read more about the Specific Requirement tours of India Beacons Sojourn     SPECIAL INTEREST TOURS
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INDIA BEACONS SOJOURN has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the last three years for their Sundarbans Tour. We have been Rated No.1 on TripAdvisor out of 78 Outdoor Activities from Kolkata.

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Read reviews of our Sundarban 1 Night 2 Days Tour by our guests:
The overall management of the entire tour covering vehicle, boat, mouthwatering food, cultural display by the locals, beautiful resort and above all the beauty of Sundarban was a rare experience for us and we will prefer to go again and again under the supervision of India Beacons Sojourn.

P S Bhattacharjee, Kolkata
Date: 2019-08-31
India Beacons Sojourn Team nicely maintained their promises for their Sundarbans day Tour. Punctual arrival of vehicle, good behaviour of driver, nice food, endearing staff on the boat, very tasty food to suit our North Indian taste buds and well maintained boat - we had it all. Keep up the good work. 

Only dampener was the weather. It rained so much that we hardly had any chance of seeing the tiger. 

Sujata Rishabh, Uttarkashi
Date: 2019-07-15
Awesome, IN ONE WORD

The arrangement made was excellent from the word go. Comfortable tempo traveller with good breakfast and juice. Porters helped us with our bags to board the boat. Bhola da our Captain was an expert at navigation and very knowledgeable of wildlife. Boat staff were courteous and food was yummy. Saptarshi our naturalist/ guide was patient and knowledgable ready to answer our silliest of question. The night stay was surprisingly comfortable in a very nice and spacious room. Locals put up Bon Bibi play and Baul songs in the evening during snacks n tea followed by sumptuous dinner. 

Now one must be thinking it’s a very comfortable stay but what about photography and coming to the best part..we saw the mighty Royal Bengal Tiger and what a marvellous sighting along with several birds and animals ... jungle cat, brown winged kingfisher, white collared kingfisher, black caped kingfisher, common kingfisher, otters, crocodiles and many more. Thanks to Sandeep Da and team for this unforgettable experience.

Bidyut & Anusua Saikia, Chennai
Date: 2019-04-30

Our experience of visiting Sundarbans with India Beacons Sojourn was extremely pleasant and joyous. We had just a day at Kolkata before we left for Varanasi and we managed to do the Sundarban Day tour. Not much in terms of animal sighting, but the scenic beauty of sundarbans enamoured us. 

Food was excellent and tasty and I would like to mention that right from our pickup from Shamilton Hotel till our return, we were very well taken care by Mr. Sandeep and his team. Would recommend their services.

Brendon Clarks, Birmingham
Date: 2018-11-16

We were from Tamilnadu, From starting of the trip till end of the trip, they took care of us like guests.. Food, stay, service, travel everything was so good.they picked up us in Tata Hexa even though we were 2 hours late to the pick up point the driver was so calm and took so good care while driving. The food was good, it had two options veg and non veg... non veg, fish was a fresh catch. Chef was so good with his cooking skills.. 
Stay in the room was so clean and the room service guy took a good care of us. The travel in the boat was good we’re they gave us breakfast, snacks at mid consisting of tea and biscuits and lunch and again snacks at evening. Me and my friends would suggest this trip 4.5/5 with no doubts and worries. Do try and enjoy :)

Naresh, Tamil nadu
Date: 2020-02-16

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