Jhingakhali Watch Tower



The jhingakhali watchtoweris watchtower is among the ones to be located on the Eastern most fringe of the Indian part of Sundarbans. It falls in the Bashirhat Range of the Jhingekhali Beat of Sundarbans. The watchtower has a capacity to accommodate 20 persons at a time. 

This watchtower is often overlooked by tour operators and tourists because of its distance from the Sajnekhali/Dayapur area. Since the movement of tourists is less in this area, the scenic beauty of this place is well preserved and the chances of sighting tigers, as per our opinion, are relatively more than the other watchtowers. 

This watchtower, like some other watchtowers, has observation lines and sweet water pond for observing the wildlife. There is also a Banobibi temple within the compound of the Watchtower as well. Apart from other birds that can be sighted, the sighting of Brahmini Kites is very much likely from this watchtower. 

The Jhingakhali Watchtower is often visited in conjunction with Burirdabri Watchtower as well. A few adventurous also visit Khatuajhuri Beat as well as the Harikhali Beat. This trip and circuit takes an entire day

Boats to visit Jhingakhali as well as Burirdabri can be availed as part of a package tour conducted by India Beacons Sojourn. Also Boat rental can be availed from Godhkhali, Sonakhali as well as Dhamakhali. However to visit the Watchtower, permission has to be obtained beforehand.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Jhingakhali Watchtower

Q. Where is Jhingakhali?

A. Jhingakhali, or the Jhingakhali Beat falls under the Bashirhat Range of the Sundarbans Tiger reserve. It can be reached ONLY by hired boat or launch

Q. How can Jhingakhali be reached?

A. Jhingakhali can be visited only after obtaining Entry Permission. Entry permissions are issued from Sajnekhali as well as Bagna. So one can visit Jhingakhali only after obtaining requisite permission. Entry permits are often pre arranged by Tour Operators if tourists visit Jhingakhali as part of Composite Tour Packages

Q. Is Jhingakhali Beat same as Jhingakhali?

A. Jhingakhali Beat, is commonly known as Jhingakhali. The Jhingakhali camp is famous for its watchtower, a sweet water pond and a few observation lines.It falls under the Bashirhat Range of the Sundarbans Tiger reserve. It can be reached ONLY by hired boat or launch

Q. Where are the Boat starting points for visiting Jhingakhali?

A. Sundarbans Tiger Reserve has a number of Entry Point Jetties.These are at Canning, Sonakhali, Godhkhali as well as Jharkhali. There are also a few other entry points at Dhamakhali Sandeshkhali. Boat services can be availed from these jetties ONLY upon prior and advance booking.

Q. Where can you hire a boat in advance to visit Jhingakhali?

A. There are no Regular and organised Boat Rentals service from any of the Entry Point jetties. You can call Boat Owners directly to book or hire boats in advance to visit the Jhingakhali Watch Tower. You can also join Fixed day Tour packages operated by tour operators in case you do not want to personally charter or hire a boat.

Q. How far is Jhingakhali from Godhkhali?

A. To visit Godhkhali, Entry Permission and Recognised Guides have to be obtained from Sajnekhali.So one has to visit Sajnekhali before visiting Jhingakhali.Sajnekhali can be reached from Godhkhali by boat in 2:30 - 3:00 hrs, depending upon tide conditions. Thereafter, one can reach Jhingakhali in about 3:30 - 4:00 hrs.

Q. What are the places to visit near Jhingakhali or with Jhingakhali?

A. A tour of Jhingakhali is often combined with Burirdabri beat. A few adventurous also visit Khatuajhuri Beat as well as the Harikhali Beat. This trip and circuit takes an entire day.

Q. How many days are required to visit the Jhingakhali from Sajnekhali zone?

A. Jhingakhali can be reached from Sajnekhali in 3:30 - 4:00 hrs depending upon the tides. However, a visit just to visit the Jhingakhali would be a futile effort unless one visits the narrow creeks and canals in the vicinity of the Jhingakhali. So, a minimum of 1 day is a bare minimum to visit the Jhingakhali Circuit area and its vicinity.

Q. How many days are required to visit Sundarbans?

A. Sundarbans comprises of a number of Ranges. The Bashirhat range comprises of the Bagna Beat, Jhingakhali Beat, Jhingekhali Beat, Khatuajhuri Beat and the Harinbhanga Beat (in Harikhali). To cover this area a minimum of 1 day is required. However, a longer period tour of 3N 4D is desired.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Jhingakhali Watch tower?

A. Jhingakhali Watch Tower can be reached after crossing wide rivers. These rivers have a lot of waves even during normal times. The situation becomes dangerous during the months of April till September, when the trip can be undertaken only in sturdy boats and Launches. Hence, Jhingakhali is best visited during the months of October till March. However, as stated earlier, only big and safe boats and launches are suitable for the other months.