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Amphan Sundarbans
Amphan Sundarbans
Amphan Sundarbans
Amphan Sundarbans
Amphan Sundarbans

Dear All, 

We may have been a part of your good memories having served you as our guests for our Sundarbans Tour. As you all must be aware, the super Cyclone Amphan has left Sundarbans in tatters. Today Sundarbans is in a very bad state and its inhabitants consisting of farmers and agricultural labourers, fishermen, honey collectors, boat owners and workers, Guides etc. the worst hit. 

Many families have been rendered homeless, their mud homes either destroyed or razed to the ground. Innumerable other families need a roof over their head immediately. 

Many who were dependent on their boats for their livelihood have either lost their boat OR are faced with the enormous task of rebuilding them. Today, they are in a Catch-22 situation, faced with the dilemma of (i) Saving their Boat or (ii) Saving their Homes. Both have been destroyed immensely.

Breaching of the embankment at several places have also flooded their agricultural fields and have rendered them infertile. No crop can be grown for years now. The inhabitants have lost their homes and their livelihood.

All this has pushed the fear of the Pandemic COVID-19 in the background.  

India Beacons has taken an initiative of “CONNECTING YOU WITH THE NEEDY DIRECTLY” and helping you in extending your help by reaching out to the people of Sundarbans directly. 

We are no NGO, but have been associated and working in Sundarbans for over a decade now. We have seen the Aila, the Fani, the Bulbul and now the mother of all Cyclones till date, the Amphan. We understand the problems associated with NGO’s, where the donations, help and contributions either take ages to reach the needy or gets diminished as it percolates down the levels. Hence, we at India Beacons would like you to reach the people in need directly, so that help reaches faster and to the persons who need it the most. 


The idea started with an inspiring WhatsApp message from one of our guests who visited Sundarbans with us in December 2019. She inquired about the well-being of our Boat and our boat crew. She wanted to know about the villages around the resort where she stayed. She wanted to extend her help for the people of Sundarbans, but preferred to help them directly. We assisted her by providing her the Direct Bank account of “a family in Real need.” 

Thus started our Campaign:    #HelpSundarbansDirectly 

We at India Beacons would on our part identify the needy families and help you connect to them directly. In case you want to help the people of Sundarbans Directly, kindly call us or WhatsApp us on: +91 9903295920 

We would help you in extending your support towards this humanitarian cause. Any contribution, big or small will go a long way in ensuring relief to the people of Sundarbans.

Sandeep Chourasia 
Team India Beacons 
24th May 2020