India Beacons Sojourn is an Eco-tourism based travel company operating simultaneously from Kolkata and Mumbai offering destinations to travel enthusiasts with a penchant for offbeat routes. We handle tours to all destinations within India & across the globe.

Vision: To be a leading travel and eco tourism operator and promote sustainable growth. To introduce and implement new concepts in tourism 

Mission: To offer destinations to travel enthusiasts with a penchant for offbeat routes, a love for flora, fauna and landscapes, the desire to respect local cultures and traditions and an unquenchable thirst to soak in the pristine beauty of nature. 

India Beacons Sojourn provides full range of services  that  includes:  Only  Women  Travel  Club  Parents  Travel  Club  Escorted Group Travel Cruise Packages Vacation Packages Corporate Travel Airline Tickets, Rail Tickets Car and Hotel  Reservations  Travel  Insurance.

Sandeep Chourasia, COO : An avid traveller, Sandeep Chourasia has travelled to almost every state in India and is a living encyclopedia on most of the places. With a deep-rooted interest in travel photography and an ardent desire to travel, he has decided to turn his passion into profession. 

With varied interests like trekking, camping, rock climbing, coastal treks, adventure tourism, he finds meaning and solace in travel. Travel is a way of life for him. He has an unquenchable desire to explore new places and offbeat routes, a love for flora, fauna and landscapes, the desire to respect local cultures and traditions and an unquenchable thirst to soak in the pristine beauty of nature. 
He has done a Basic  Mountaineering  Course  from  Himalayan  Mountaineering  Institute, Darjeeling  and  an  Advanced  Mountaineering  Course  from Nehru Institute  of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. 

An adventure lover, he has been instrumental in organizing  numerous camps   and rock-climbing courses in West Bengal since 1997 and has summited a number of peaks. With this venture, he wants to share his passion with like minded people.So come join us and be a part of this travel movement. 

Team India Beacons (Boat Crew)

Bhola Sardar

He is the one who is always multi tasking; navigating the boat safely through the creeks and canals of Sundarbans as well as being always on the lookout for sighting  wildlife. Oh Boy! Mark my words! You too would later agree, he has an eagle's eye. He has been associated with M.V India Beacons since its construction days.

A local of Sundarbans, he is very well versed with the various routes, the tide positions and has an excellent knowledge for understanding tiger behaviour. The seat in front of his cabin is a hot spot for those interested in photography.


Utpal Manna

One who is new to the India Beacons Team, but has fast developed himself to be an important cog in the wheels of Team India Beacons. A hardworking personality, he is always eager to help and serve guests with their various requirement on the boat as well as at the resort during the Sundarbans tour of India Beacons. 

Always with a smile on his face and a long Tilak on his forehead, Utpal is one of the main point of contact with guests upon their arrival on the boat. Call him for any requirements you have on the tour or the boat and Utpal is always there to help you.

Uttam Barman

A bit shy, but one who does not shies away from his duties. He is the one who is in charge of the boat M V INDIA BEACONS and is always willing to go an extra step in satisfying the need of the  guests. He has been associated with India Beacons for over five years now and is an important and integral part of Team India Beacons.

Whether it is a broken tap on the boat or a guest's specific requirement of a birthday cake, Uttam is always there to fix it, literally. He is India Beacons Sojourn's trouble shooter at Sundarbans and also a very good cook.

The Unsung heroes of Team India Beacons



Dhruv is, generally, your first point of contact and an integral part of Team India Beacons. He is the one who drives you safely from Kolkata and often accompanies you on your day trip to Sundarbans. Unfortunately, Dhruv has still not seen the tiger himself even upon being on numerous trips to sundarbans :-)

A well read person, Dhruv is an excellent guide of the City of Kolkata and his knowledge of the City of Joy would definitely surprise you.


A chirpy bloke, Pradip would make you feel at home with his pleasing mannerism and helpful nature. A pro at driving through the narrow and congested streets, Pradip is an excellent driver of the India Beacons fleet and often takes care of the guests on almost all tours of India Beacons. Communication with guests is his greatest skill.

Whether it is Gangasagar tour, a Sundarbans tour, a City Tour or even a Shakti Peeth tour, Pradip is always there to help our guests.


Supriyo Banerjee or "Joy"

Supriyo, or "Joy' as he is popularly known to his team mates, has been with India Beacons for some time now. A die hard fan of Kishore Kumar and Kumar Sanu, a drive with "Joy" would take you back in time, make you nostalgic of your college days with his wide collection of songs of the 1990's and any long drive with him seems to end so fast.

Also a professional video photographer, "Joy" completes the team of India Beacons Sojourn and is a great hit with tourists for his photo shoots too.